A Quick Guide To Cruise Control From Toyota Of N Charlotte

Tips for using cruise control

When it comes to your cruise control, do you feel like you really have a solid idea of how to use it safely and efficiently? It’s not as simple as pushing a button and sitting back to let your car take the road. There are actually quite a few rules about using cruise control that you should be aware of before you attempt to put the feature into play. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with a quick guide to help walk you through them – read on!

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N Charlotte Toyota tips for cruise control

#1: Consider the terrain you’re traveling.

Are you driving terrain that’s hilly or mountainous? Will you be facing winding roads or sharp turns? This isn’t the time to be putting cruise control to use. When you utilize this feature, you set it to a constant speed and forget it. However, it can’t see that you’re traveling hills (where you pick up a lot of speed when you’re going downhill) or taking on sharp curves (where you should slow down to avoid an accident). In these conditions, it’s best to maintain complete control of your N Charlotte Toyota so you can react to the changing landscape and adjust your speed accordingly.

#2: Check the weather.

Rain, snow, sleet, and ice are also situations in which you’d want to avoid using cruise control. When the roads are wet, they become slippery and dangerous and require your close attention and quick reactions. If you’ve set this feature, it makes it difficult to make sudden movements (like getting out of the path of another vehicle or coming to a sudden stop). It also makes it difficult to react quickly if you lose traction on the road.

#3: Watch for traffic.

Cruise control isn’t a safe option when you’re driving in traffic or around a lot of other cars. You need to be able to adjust your speed according to the movements of the cars around you to avoid accidents and collisions, and cruise control makes it difficult to do that (especially in bad traffic). Only put this feature to use if the road is clear and you’re not close to other vehicles (in front of and behind you).

#4: Know when to use it.

When you drive on the highway, you have long stretches of open road in front of you. This is why cruise control is such a popular option on this type of road – you can set a speed and relax without having to adjust it too much. However, when you drive in urban or suburban areas, there are a lot of stop signs, stoplights, pedestrians, and other scenarios in which you’ll need to come to a stop or slow down. Using this feature on these types of roads doesn’t make sense and is dangerous to boot. Save it for the highway!

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