NC Attorney General Sues Charlotte Towing Company Accused of Price Gouging

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – North Carolina’s Attorney General is suing a Charlotte tow truck company, accusing it of price gouging and predatory towing.

The suit claims the company towed or booted big rig trucks delivering critical supplies.

“He came up with a number of $4200 dollars to get my truck back, which was kinda ridiculous,” explains tractor-trailer driver Dimetrius Wingo.

Wingo parked his big rig overnight for months at a time at a Home Depot on Albermarle Road, he says, with permission from the manager.

Then one morning in March, he arrived to find it gone, with new, “No Tractor Trailer parking” signs installed.

“Brand new signs, man, I mean, when I got there that morning, big signs,” Wingo says.

He says he had to pay “A1 Towing Solutions” the $4200 to get the truck back.

Now, State Attorney General Josh Stein is suing “A1 Towing Solutions” and it’s owner David Satterfield.

The suit claims the company price gouged Wingo and three other drivers, who got booted or towed, delaying the delivery of critically needed supplies.

The lawsuit asks for civil penalties so the truck drivers can get their money back.

In the meantime, the court has agreed on a temporary restraining order, which means “A1 Towing Solutions” cannot operate until a hearing next week.

Read the lawsuit and restraining order below:

A1 Towing Complaint

A 1 Towing Temp Restraining Order