Edge On The Clock: Small Group Protests Gyms Still Being Closed in FL

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The first wave of businesses are slowly opening back up across the country, but the progress is not fast enough for a small group of protesters in Florida. About 30 people gathered outside of the courthouse in Clearwater, Florida on Monday, doing push-ups and squats and demanding the governor to reopen gyms, seemingly proving the point: you don’t need a gym to work out.

Plus, a group of California prisoners were caught on camera trying to infect themselves with the coronavirus, in hopes of getting out of the slammer early. The news of this plan broke Monday, but it happened in mid-April.

And, the street wear “fashion line” inspired by Netflix’s Tiger King sold out within hours of its soft launch one week ago. Now, after the full collection went on sale last Wednesday, more than 7,000 items have sold, according to TMZ.