Health Experts Watching to See Impact of Phase One Reopening

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – North Carolina is just a couple of days into phase one of reopening.

Health experts are watching to see what impact business reopenings will have on the number of coronavirus cases in our area.

Some experts have warned about a possible spike in cases.

“As of now, our data has trended in the direction that we wanted it to trend, that allowed us to open up,” said Mecklenburg Co. Health Director Gibbie Harris, during a business roundtable meeting.

Harris says it will be one to two weeks before we know any impact from phase one of reopening.

“It takes that long for us to see individuals becoming, potentially becoming infected, and seeing if our numbers rise even more,” Harris explained.

COVID cases continue to increase in Mecklenburg County, but Harris says that’s because testing is also increasing.

She says the percentage of people who come back positive remains stable, with a slight decrease.

63 people have died in Mecklenburg, all but four of them were over 60 years old.