Governor Cooper: ‘North Carolina Needs More Covid-19 Testing Before State Can Move To Phase 2 Reopening’

RALEIGH — 6000 tests for Covid-19 are being conducted across North Carolina every day.  But, Governor Roy Cooper says it’s not enough.

Tuesday, Cooper announced an expansion of Coronavirus testing efforts across the state.  He says several stores, such as Wal-greens, Walmart, and Harris Teeter will soon open up testing sites for the public.  The tests will be free because the sites are federally funded.

Before entering Phase one, the state doubled its testing to more than 5,000 a day.  Cooper says those numbers must increase considerably before moving to Phase two.

“We’re going to rely on the science, the data, and the facts that we have set out in order to tell us when we go into Phase Two,” says Governor Roy Cooper.

And, speaking of testing, Avery County, which is the only county in North Carolina with no confirmed cases of COVID-19, is conducting more tests.  Health officials there say as of Monday, 421 people have been tested.  There are still no positive cases, and the results of 82 tests are pending.