UNC Charlotte Students Raise Concerns About Proposed Fall Schedule


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Some UNC Charlotte students are raising concerns about a proposed Fall schedule.

It would delay the start of the semester by two weeks, while eliminating the Labor Day holiday, eliminating Fall break, eliminating a day off before Thanksgiving, and extending final exams through December 23rd.

“I just personally had a lot of concerns about this proposal,” says UNC Charlotte freshman Dick Beekman.

Beekman argues, in his opinion, a condensed schedule won’t work.

“There are concerns that students won’t really get a break. That there will be a grind from essentially Labor Day to the day before Christmas Eve,” Beekman says.

Beekman, also a student senator, co-sponsored a resolution that passed the student senate unanimously Tuesday night, opposing the proposed schedule.

UNC Charlotte Provost Joan Lorden defended the proposal during the student senate meeting on Tuesday night.

“We want to preserve the college experience. This semester, this spring semester we’ve just finished, is not ideal,” Lorden told student senators.

She told them the school wants to delay the semester to avoid starting too close to a possible coronavirus peak in July.

She also says the school wants to give instructors time to prepare for hybrid classes that could meet partially online.

And she says the University wants incoming freshmen to have an in-person experience.

“It is really hard to onboard and welcome over 7,000 new students in a totally online environment,” she told the student senate.

The UNC system’s deadline for announcing a start date is May 29th.

A UNC Charlotte spokesperson sent WCCB Charlotte this statement:

“In an effort to safely return to on-campus instruction in the fall, UNC Charlotte made the decision to begin the semester on Monday, September 7, two weeks after our previously scheduled start on August 24. The University engaged in extensive discussions, consulted with public health and UNC System officials, and considered the health and safety of students and employees in making this decision. We are working with faculty and considering all options to determine the fall academic calendar and expect to share those details by the end of May.”