Preparations For In-Person RNC Continue “Full Steam Ahead”

CHARLOTTE, NC – Preparations for the Republican National Convention in Charlotte continuing as planned as the August event nears. 

“We’re going to find a way to make sure it’s a great celebration,” said Ronna McDaniel, the GOP Convention Committee Chair.

She expressed optimism about the Republican showcase in Charlotte. 

“As of today, we’re planning on a full steam ahead convention,” said McDaniel. 

The preparations are underway for an in-person event that would bring thousands of people from across the country to the Queen City. 

“All indications are that we will hold an RNC,” said CMPD Deputy Chief Jeff Estes, “we are preparing for that. We are in full preparation.”

“We are going to be putting the safety of the people of Charlotte and our convention goers first and foremost,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel says they’re working with their own medical expert to determine how masks and physical distancing can be used to make the event happen. 

“It’s going to be all hands on deck as we navigate what we need to do to make sure everybody is safe as they attend this convention,” said McDaniel.

The President commenting this week about the states handling of the reopen plan saying in an interview with the Washington Examiner, 

“We have a great state, North Carolina, that’s been very, very good. Although, it’s got a Democrat governor, so we have to be a little bit careful. It’s got a Democrat governor, so we have to be a little bit careful with that because they’re playing politics. They’re playing politics, as you know, by delaying the openings,” said Trump. 

WCCB questioned McDaniel about whether the convention would possibly be moved. 

“We’ll look at options if they arise, but right now we are in contract with Charlotte. We want to come to Charlotte,” said McDaniel.

 A Washington Post-Ipsos poll this week found 74% of people approve of Cooper’s handling of the pandemic.

The Governor’s office saying in a statement today saying 

“As the Governor said, pandemics cannot be political. North Carolina is using the data and the science based on White House guidance to inform our three-phased approach to lifting restrictions. The health and safety of North Carolinians is the top priority as we battle COVID-19.”

The Democratic National Convention made a rule change that would allow for possible virtual voting at their event. 

McDaniel says their bylaws require in person voting so virtual ballot casting at the convention is off the table.