US Health And Human Services Secretary Says “Large Scale Testing” Could Be Used for RNC

CHARLOTTE, NC – About three months until the Republican National Convention in Charlotte and contingency plans are being put together. 

Alex Azar, the U. S. Health and Human Services secretary in Charlotte on Thursday. He commented on how the RNC could be held. 

“We’ve worked with Governor Cooper. We’ve worked with every single governor in the country on what their testing plans are to make sure we’re able to support them,” said Azar. 

He suggested the event still be held in-person with increased testing. 

“Part of the protocols might involve large scale testing associated with that. And how could we work together to support with any extra surge supplies as well as any supplies for testing capacity,” said Azar. 

According to the RNC bylaws, they must have in-person delegate voting in order to nominate a candidate. 

“Based on the guidance we’ve been given, and what we have to prepare for, we are full steam ahead with an in-person convention,” said Ronna McDaniel. 

WCCB spoke with McDaniel, the head of the RNC Committee last week. 

We are going to be putting the safety of the people of Charlotte and our convention goers first and foremost,” said McDaniel.

But they may need to use a backup plan. 

North Carolina Health Secretary Mandy Cohen told WFAE that the RNC creates some logistical issues under state guidelines. Saying, “If we continue to see our numbers go up and we aren’t in a different position, then mass gatherings are going to be a very big challenge,” said Cohen to WFAE.

McDaniel said they’re working with their own medical expert to determine how masks, physical distancing, and large scale testing can be used to make the event happen.

“We’re going to find a way to make sure it’s a great celebration,” said McDaniel.