CMPD Chief Expresses Frustration With Violent Holiday Weekend

CHARLOTTE, NC –  Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney with a strong message to criminals on Wednesday after a violent Memorial Day weekend in the city. 

“This is about repeated violent offenders who are shattering lives,” said Putney. 

He was commenting on a recent spike in violence. 

“That is what’s going on under the cloud of a pandemic. Crime is not taking a day off,” said Putney. 

Over Memorial Day weekend, police say there were 50 victims in 9 shootings. 

Seven of the victims were under the age of 13. 

Demario Tillman was killed during a shooting on Hovis Road Saturday night. 

“Although we’re dealing with a pandemic that we can’t control. We also need to get our hands around this issue that we can,” said Putney. 

Overall crime numbers are down, but Putney says shootings are up compared to last year. One, in particular, struck a chord. 

The shooting death of 15-year-old Roman Kichigan as he tried to sell a cell phone on May 18th. His mother, in the car, tried to save his life. Clifton Stanfill, 18,  is charged in his death. 

“Those who continue to pray on this city are going to be held accountable,” said Putney.

“We still ask the question why? What are you pulling a gun out and shooting somebody?” said Will Adams with Team Trublue.

Adams says the spike in crime is discouraging. And that the community needs to step up.  

“Let’s become more involved in each other’s lives as far as how we can help each other,” said Adams.