High School Sports Preparing To Return

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Schools and organizations across the country are working on ways for sports to return. In North Carolina, the earliest date that high school sports can start back is June 15th.

Teams are awaiting guidelines they will have to follow. Coaches ready to return to the field, but being in a pandemic will make their jobs a little harder.

“Just like they’re bringing the kids back in phases, our plan for how we deal with it is going to be phased in as well,” Myers Park head football coach Scott Chadwick said.

Local coaches have been preparing to return to the field for off-season training, but if parents want their children to go back they might have to sign a waiver consenting to the risk that their child could get COVID-19. Donald jonas, who will have three children in Myers Park’s athletic program this fall, is willing to do

“In general that seems like a reasonable expectation. We as parents have an expectation that the school, and the district, and the state would put the proper processes in place to again reduce as much as possible the risk to allow these sorts of activities to occur,” Jonas said. “I don’t see that being a barrier at least for our family.”

Of course there are some families that don’t feel as comfortable

“I have a few that are afraid, afraid to put their kid back out onto the field,” Vance head football coach Glenwood Ferebee said.

Defense attorney Mark Jetton says a waiver could protect schools for the most part, but not from gross negligence or in other gray areas

“It could get interesting if some lawyer had a case where they said, “Well yeah the parent signed the waiver, but the kid did not waive their claim because they can’t waive it at this age,” Jetton said. “That could get really interesting.”

Jonas is confident the North Carolina High School Athletic Association will come up with the right safety measures to keep kids safe.

“I really don’t want them to miss out on this if at all possible,” Jonas said.