Auger & Auger’s Doghouse: Meet Stella!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Today in Auger & Auger‘s Doghouse we have Stella! Stella is 5 years old and came to CMPD Animal Care & Control as a stray and is a part of its pre-adoption program. Stella will be available to adopt on June 4th, however, you can pre-adopt her today.

Select animals are eligible for pre-adoption after passing a health and behavior assessment when they arrive at CMPD Animal Care & Control. You can pre-adopt animals while they wait their stray hold time. To meet the dogs eligible for the pre-adoption program, you must come to the shelter to see/visit/adopt.

How does pre-adoption work?

  1. Come to CMPD Animal Care & Control and visit the stray kennels to see the eligible pre-adoption dogs.
  2. Look for the blue kennel cards. Take a picture of the card and talk to a staff member at CMPD Animal Care & Control if you have found an animal that you’re interested in.
  3. Interact and fall in love.
  4. When pre-adopting any dog, they will be full price, even if there is a special running on other dogs.
  5. Show your ID and pay the fee to adopt. Your name will be on the record as the pre-adopter. That animal will be yours if not reclaimed by an owner but the animal must remain at the shelter for the remainder of the wait time. You’ll be contacted with a pick-up date when the wait time is expired.

You can learn more about CMPD Animal Care & Control and its pre-adoption program here.