“This is not over. We are not done. We have a long way to go.”–Experts Warn Coronavirus Is Still A Concern

CHARLOTTE, NC. — There are more than 33,200 known coronavirus cases statewide. Mecklenburg still has the most cases in the state with 5,057. North Carolina is also reporting a record high for hospitalizations, with 717 people currently hospitalized statewide.

“This is not over. We are not done. We have a long way to go,” says Dr. David Wohl.

Dr. Wohl is a professor of medicine and infectious diseases at UNC Chapel Hill. Wohl says he’s concerned people aren’t taking the coronavirus seriously anymore. As North Carolina sees an increase in hospitalizations.

“I’m seeing very sick people struggling for their lives in the hospital. That’s not gone. They’re still there. They’re still on respirators, they’re still trying really hard to live. That’s not gone away. Our hospitals have a lot of people like that.”

There’s even more concern after roughly a week of large protests across the state that are drawing thousands of people.

“Just statistically if there’s just a few people who have Covid and are shedding it and are not wearing masks. That’s a concern.”

State Health Director Mandy Cohen echoing Dr. Wohl.

“Anytime we see large groups of folks coming together we know there is the potential for exposure when folks aren’t able to socially distance,” says Dr. Cohen.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wohl says there is a way to protest safely, with masks on and staying at a safe distance.

“I’m not saying don’t protest. I’m not saying don’t go out there. But let’s use our heads. Let’s reduce the risk, you can’t illuminate the risk but let’s reduce it by taking smart measures,” Dr. Wohl says.