Office Space to Take on New Look And Feel As People Return to Work

CHARLOTTE, NC – People returning to work in office spaces in Charlotte and across the country, are walking into a new normal. 

A recent CBS News/YouGov poll shows more than half, 56% of the people surveyed say they would not be comfortable going back to the office. To quell those fears, developers and office managers are getting creative and taking no chances.

“This is an inexpensive kind of prototype design,” said Brett Gray, the managing principal for Cushman and Wakefield Charlotte. 

He’s talking about their Six Foot Office plan. 

“This is how you can get back and open up your office,” said Gray. 

“This design is around colored carpet that creates visual boundaries around desks. Plexiglass shields in between desks that face each other,” continued Gray, “office signage that directs walking traffic in a single direction.”

They’re also recommending limiting capacity to 25-50 percent to keep the person to person contact at a minimum. Gray says developers and tenants want to be sure they’re creating the office for the future. 

“Those who are building a new tower or looking to occupy a new office in Charlotte are really kind of throwing out the entire existing office design and taking a look and think does this make sense,” said Gray.

“I feel like it’ll be here to stay for a while,” said Alleah Pullen. 

Pullen is a recent UNCC architecture graduate. She says buildings and offices of tomorrow will be spaced out and have cleanliness ingrained in the design.

“You really have to start thinking about how germs can enter into ventilation systems. The types of surfaces that you’re using,” said Pullen.

“I think one thing is for certain, workplaces will be used differently. Flexibility is likely here to stay,” said Gray.