Meck Co. Commission Considers Mask Requirement

CHARLOTTE, NC – Coronavirus cases in Mecklenburg county steadily increasing as the county commission considers making masks mandatory. 

“These numbers and this data demonstrates the fact that COVID-19 is still a very present threat to our community,” said Dr. Gibbie Harris, the Mecklenburg County Health Director. 

There have been 18 days of triple-digit numbers of new cases in Mecklenburg county. The percent positive now up to 10.5%. 

“We expect to continue to see that go up, unfortunately,” said Harris. 

Mobility in the county has reached near pre-pandemic levels. The emphasis for county leaders is now on wearing masks. 

“I’m in favor of us mandating masks. I just want to go on the record and say that,” said Mark Jerrell, District 4 Commissioner. 

Nearly all the Mecklenburg County commissioners are in favor of a mask mandate. 

“If you don’t want to turn back, then you have to turn on wearing a mask,” said Susan Rodriquez-McDowell, District 6 Commissioner. 

In Raleigh, the city council there took swift action to pass a mask mandate. 

“This is to help save lives. Nobody wants to go backwards. We don’t want another stay at home order. We want to move forward,” said Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin.

On Monday, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signaled a potential statewide mask requirement. 

“We want people voluntarily to do this [wear masks], but we are looking at additional rules to potentially make these mandatory,” said Cooper.

In Mecklenburg, no decisions have been made, staff was asked to return to the next meeting with more information. Some board members are growing frustrated. 

“It feels like we’re just sitting on the sidelines watching this happen,” said Trevor Fuller, an At Large Commissioner.