Chester Council Votes Against Firing Officers Involved In Deadly Shooting

CHESTER — Two Chester Police officers involved in a deadly shooting back in November, will remain on the job.  Chester Mayor Wanda Stringfellow made a motion to fire three officers involved in the case surrounding the deadly shooting of Ariane McCree.

The Mayor said the officers violated the department’s policy relating to body-worn cameras.  Two of those officers shot and killed McCree at the Walmart off the Cochran Bypass last year.  Police Chief Eric Williams released the body cam video of the shooting.  One of the officers, who arrested McCree inside the store for shoplifting, was not wearing his body camera.  The second officer, who arrived on the scene later, apparently turned his device on, but, the first two minutes were not recorded.  There was also no audio.

McCree was shot and died in the parking lot.  Mayor Stringfellow said a third officer at the scene, who placed McCree in handcuffs, should also be fired.

“Just to be clear, this isn’t a black and white issue, this isn’t an issue of a white officer shooting a black man. This is an issue of police officers not following the policy that they should be adhering to,” says Chester Mayor Wanda Stringfellow.

The Mayor did not have the council’s support.

They voted 4 to 2 against firing the officers.