Charlotte City Council to Conduct ‘In-Depth Review’ of CMPD

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We’re learning more about Charlotte City Council’s plans for an ‘in-depth review’ of CMPD.

It comes as some have called on Council to redirect money from the department.

A proposed task force could look at possible changes, including full implementation of “8 Can’t Wait.”

The initiative has eight key policies, many of which deal with use of force, to reduce deaths and police brutality.

The task force could also look at possible budget cuts.

The proposed task force would be made up of council members and various interest groups, including police reform advocates and the Fraternal Order of Police.

“Can’t be something that’s done to us. It has to be something that’s done with us, and I think that’s something very important,” incoming CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings told council members during a meeting of the council’s Safe Communities Committee on Tuesday.

The department is facing increased scrutiny, amid calls for police reform across the country. And locally, after protesters say they were “trapped and gassed” during an incident on Fourth Street on June 2nd.