Gaston County Residents Take A Stand For And Against Removal Of Confederate Statue

GASTONIA — Some call it a symbol of racial injustice.  Others say it’s a representation of history that must be preserved.  In Gastonia, dozens stood on both sides of a confederate monument at the county courthouse.  Some pushing county leaders to remove it, while others demanding the statue remain right where it is.

“It’s our history. It’s nothing about race. I don’t know why everybody wants to make it a race issue when it’s really not,” said one resident.

“To me, the statue says the county courthouse is not for me, and that the justice system is not built for me,” says another resident.

Removing the confederate statue was not on the commission’s agenda, so no word if it will go to a vote.

In 2015 and 2017, a group of Gaston County residents requested the same flag be removed, but no action was ever taken.