East Spencer Police Dept. Reserve Officer Off The Job After Problematic Facebook Posts

EAST SPENCER, N.C. – A local police officer is off the job after posts on his Facebook page about driving through protesters and suggesting the charges against the officer who killed George Floyd would be dismissed.

At the time of this publication, there has been no comment from now ex-East Spencer Police Department reserve officer Bryan Major about offensive posts on his Facebook page. In one, he commented “beep beep” on a link to a 2017 bill that never passed that would have made it legal to drive through crowds of protesters. In another post, he commented “Dismissed” on a blog link about charges against the officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck. And in a third, he posted a meme about unrest across the country that mocks people with intellectual differences.

The East Spencer Police Department Chief Sharon Hovis told WCCB that Major’s posts would be investigated, and were “not welcomed” and the department did not “condone any unethical behavior on or off duty.” On June 12, Hovis wrote to WCCB that Major was no longer with the department.

Major was also a full time Fort Mill firefighter. The Fort Mill Town Manager told WCCB they do “not condone message that promote any form of discrimination or insensitivity.” On June 11, a town spokesman told WCCB they’d finished their investigation and Major was no longer employed by Fort Mill.

We have asked the Chief and town leaders in East Spencer if they will pursue any steps prevent Major from using his law enforcement license to get another job in another police department. So far, we have not heard back. We asked Fort Mill if they are taking any steps to prevent Major from getting another job as a first responder in another department. A Fort Mill spokesman tells WCCB they do not comment on personnel matters.