Local Black-Owned Businesses Collaborate To Teach Life Skills And Provide PPE

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Creativity and collaboration, colliding for the greater good at a local, Black-owned business in Charlotte. Student interns from a local non-profit called Give N Go are getting real-life business skills and experience at MacFly Fresh Printing Co. in north Charlotte. The screen-printing and production company is now also designing and selling face coverings during the pandemic. Students learn about design, operations, and customer service.

Give N Go founder Armah Shiancoe says, “It’s not one of those things, ‘Hey I wanna own a business, I’m just gonna create the business and money flows in.’ There’s real work, and they get to see the ins and outs of all the different types of processes that all come together to form what we call a company.”

MacFly Fresh Printing Co. owner Eric Bitisu Ndelo says, “We’ve got an opportunity to show how resilient we are. How good of business owners we are. And that we’re out here.” Bitisu Ndelo says global unrest after the death of George Floyd has helped put a spotlight on Black-owned businesses that wasn’t previously there.