Wilson’s World: Technology Lessons with Virtual Hugs & Tech Bugs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Do you have an older family member that you would like to connect with virtually, but they just aren’t that tech savvy?  Well, Wilson has got you covered this morning.  Brittney Bogues with Virtual Hugs & Tech Bugs joins Wilson to talk about how to help the “seasoned citizens” in  your family set up that video chat to better connect with loved ones during the pandemic.

Virtual Hugs & Tech Bugs is an initiative to connect those in nursing homes with pen-pals using the latest technology. Brittney Bogues saw how lonely and isolated residents could become in nursing homes. After showing her grandmother how to text and video message, she saw the power of technology which sparked the passion behind Virtual Hugs & Tech Bugs.  Learn more about Virtual Hugs & Bugs at their website boguesgroup.com/about/community-initiatives.

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