NCHSAA Delays Start Of Fall Sports Until At Least Sept. 1

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The wait continues in Mecklenburg County for teams to be able to get back on the football field.

“It’s been like Groundhog’s Day these last four months” said Independence head coach Mike Natoli. “And even when major decisions come out like today it’s still just another day in this process.”

On Wednesday the NCHSA announced they are delaying the start of Fall sports to at least September 1 due to COVID-19. The high school football season was supposed to begin August 21, but now September 1 is the earliest they will even be able to practice. Under CMS guidelines summer workouts are not currently allowed.

“It sucks,” said Vance head coach Glenwood Ferebee. “Being the type of coach that I am, and I’m pretty sure a lot of coaches feel the same way, it’s not even about the practices and kids going out and playing games, it’s more or less being around your kids.”

“I just want to see our kids,” added Natoli. “I just want to be with them, I want to be able to have an influence in their life and kids have an influence on coaches too.”