CMPD Offering Help To Jacksonville Authorities Ahead of RNC

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Jacksonville, Florida sheriff is casting doubt on the city’s readiness to host the Republican National Convention next month. 

“I’m compelled to express my significant concerns about the viability of this event,” said Sheriff Mike Williams during a news conference. 

“I cannot say with confidence that this event or our community will not be at risk,” said Williams.

He says the communication between the city, RNC, and his department has faltered. The plan is lacking specifics, and funding is falling short. 

Williams says the $50 million dollar federal grant for security has been cut back to $33 million. 

Manpower is also a concern. 

“I can confirm to date that we’ve only been able to pull together 25% of what we’ve requested,” said Williams.

Jacksonville authorities have reached out to CMPD for advice. 

CMPD says it has “been communicating with Jacksonville to assist them in their planning. Nothing has been confirmed on whether CMPD will be assisting with manpower.”

“At this point we are simply past the point of no return to execute the event safely. Again safety and security is our obligation to this community,” said Williams.

The RNC moved from Charlotte to Florida last month after weeks of negotiations with North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper reached a stalemate. 

Since the Jacksonville announcement, the event has been scaled down and will utilize both indoor and outdoor venues. Even so, Sheriff Williams has concerns.

“I can tell you at this current configuration, I don’t feel comfortable that we can do that,” said Williams.