Wilson’s World: Speaking With Doctors From HopeWay in Southwest Charlotte About Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — ‎This is the last week of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Today on Wilson’s World, Wilson is joined by Dr. Saidat Kashimawo-Akande and Dr. Taren Coley, two doctors from HopeWay in Southwest Charlotte to give more information on Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and how you can help.

HopeWay is a non-profit facility and its mission is to increase access to quality mental health care. The high cost of treatment is one of the current challenges that families across the nation face when seeking help. As many as 1 in 5 adults will experience mental illness in a given year. 90% of all people who receive best-practice care demonstrate reduced symptoms and improved productivity. Another part of HopeWay‘s mission is to be a leader in community education around the realities and stigmas associated with mental illness. Families will best be served if, as a community, we talk about and learn about mental illness.

To learn more about HopeWay, please visit www.hopeway.org or call at 1-844-HOPEWAY.

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