People Living Along The Carolina Coast Ready For Isaias to Make Landfall

CHARLOTTE, NC – “We must be on high alert,” said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper during a Monday news conference. 

Tropical Storm Isaias expected to make landfall between Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina. 

“We should take this storm seriously and make sure your family is ready,” said Cooper. 

Cooper warned North Carolinians about the forcased storm surge and damaging winds along the coast.

“I’ve got all my stuff charged and all the windows set right. So I’m ready,” said one beachgoer in Sunset Beach. 

“We’ve got kind of a lot of canned food and things like that in case we lose power overnight or tomorrow,” said another Sunset Beach resident. 

Watches and warnings stretch across the entire East coast people in New York preparing as well. 

“We are not taking any chances. For those of you who lived through hurricane Sandy you know we got a lot more than we bargained for,” said New York Governor Anderew Cuomo. 

Back in the Carolinas, sheltering during a pandemic is creating some challenges. 

“We are comfortable at this point that we will have enough room for people and still be able to social distance,” said Cooper. 

People will be screened for COVID symptoms and isolated. 

“Shelters will have PPE and will honor social distancing,”said Cooper.