Mecklenburg Co. Leaders to Consider “Compliance Ambassadors” to Enforce Mask Mandate

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wednesday night, Mecklenburg County Commissioners will consider a new approach to enforcing the state’s mask mandate.

“Compliance Ambassadors” could be recruited to visit businesses and observe how the rules are being enforced.

It’s similar to something that’s being done in Las Vegas right now. That city is sending out the “Ambassadors” to visit every business.

The goal is to educate owners about the mask mandate, but also to reduce the strain on law enforcement.

“You go into a business and you help them assess what’s going on and then you get them information as to what they need to do to have a safer, a safer business environment,” County Manager Dena Diorio explained during a Business Leaders Roundtable meeting on Tuesday.

Diorio says she plans to propose the “Ambassadors” program at Wednesday night’s Mecklenburg County Commission meeting.