Two Killed In Tornado As Hurricane Isaias Made Its Way North

CHARLOTTE, NC – Clean up continues in the Carolinas following hurricane Isaias. 

“The storm ripped ashore with 85 mile per hour winds and storm surge of three to five feet,” said North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper. 

State officials surveyed damage on Tuesday where a suspected tornado tore through a mobile home neighborhood in Bertie County. 

“It’s bad, it doesn’t look real, something you see on TV,” said Bertie County Sheriff John Holley. 

Two people were killed. At least 10 homes were reduced to rubble. Dozens of people were taken to the hospital. 

“You can actually see the frame of a mobile home across the field, vehicles are turned over, um, vehicles, are piled on top of each other. Um, it’s just very sad,” said Holley. 

Along the coast, campgrounds were flooded and property destroyed. 

In North Myrtle beach, the storm washed away a section of a pier.

“No. I couldn’t believe this. I thought this wasn’t supposed to be all that bad, like what, 70, 75 miles an hour… well… something, waves or something made that happen,” said one resident.

Drone video in Oak Island, North Carolina shows flooded homes and streets buried in sand. Just South of Greenville, North Carolina, a close call. 

“That’s when I heard a bam. I heard a crack and a bam. Then my 15-year-old was on the couch in the living room,” said Shenika Moore. 

Moore’s home was crushed under a tree. It narrowly missed her daughter inside. 

“I went and stayed over in my sister’s house in Greenville just in case another tree might come slam into the house,” said Moore.