Moving Nightmare: A Charlotte Veteran Says Movers Tossed Clothing, Furniture All Over New Home

CHARLOTTE — A moving nightmare for a Charlotte veteran.  He says a moving company tossed his family’s belongings on the front lawn and into the garage of their new home, even broke some of their stuff.

The man is a disabled veteran.  He and his wife moved from Salisbury to Charlotte to be closer to family.  They say they hired China Grove Landis Moving Company because they were given a good deal: $1,300.

The man, who did not want to be identified, says the movers scattered their clothes, furniture, boxes all over the place, some on the lawn, but most inside their garage.  Their china cabinet was broken.

“I almost fainted.  Some of my medicine, and stuff, my prosthetics for my wheel chair and my leg brace, and everything, I couldn’t find.  It was all in the stuff in the garage,” he says.

The veteran called to complain.

“He told me well, I can get you two or three guys down there, but you got to pay them 75 dollars an hour, each,” he said.

He told the owner absolute not.

Luckily, a neighbor stopped by and helped the family.

“I walked in the house and I saw stuff all over the place like a tornado,” says Tyrone Bond, a neighbor.

“Mr. Tyrone Bond was an angel in the sky,” the Veteran said.

He also has advice for anyone looking for a good deal.

“With anybody, check them out first.  Cause it was my fault.  I fell for it up front,” he says.

WCCB Charlotte spoke with the owner of China Grove Landis Moving Company.

He says his movers did not break anything.  He says the veteran’s wife gave them the OK to leave items in the garage.  He also says he helped the family pack their entire kitchen.  And, he says his movers made three trips to get their family into their new home.