Edge On The Clock: “Suicide Squad” Sequel Cast Revealed

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Warner Brothers is unveiling the cast of characters for the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel. The company released a teaser trailer for the film this weekend. Margot Robbie will return to her role as Harley Quinn. Other notable additions include Viola Davis as “Amanda Waller,” Idris Elba as “Bloodsport,” and John Cena as “Peacemaker.” The film will be released in August 2021.

Plus, if you’re tired of making the same meals over and over again at home right now, you’re not alone. A new study finds “cooking fatigue” is affecting Americans during the pandemic, as more people are not dining out.

And, a city in Connecticut is firing back at late-night talk show host John Oliver. City officials in Danbury vowed to rename the sewage plant there after Oliver.