Waxhaw Residents Worry Town May Sell Land Intended for Parks & Sports Fields

WAXHAW, N.C. – Neighbors in Waxhaw want to stop the town from selling more than 50 acres of land originally designated for parks and sports fields.

Town leaders say if they don’t, they may have to raise taxes.

“This could be a wonderful park space. This could be beautiful trails, equestrian trails, people could come and fish here,” says Waxhaw resident Candace DeFinis.

DeFinis is leading the fight to convince the town not to sell land off Waxhaw-Marvin Road.

Long intended to be a park, town leaders now plan to sell that and other property to pay for capital improvement projects.

“It’s so critical for our families during this time to able to be outside, to be able to enjoy nature, there’s so many opportunities that his property could offer,” DeFinis says.

Instead, neighbors worry the 34 acres could be sold to someone who wants to build homes.

They’re also worried another 16 acres owned by the town could be sold to a commercial developer.

That land on Kensington Drive was originally intended for sports fields.

“To think that park space is going to be sold to the highest bidder for commercial development or residential development, is just sad, because we need to treasure these open spaces in Waxhaw, there’s not many left,” DeFinis says.

Town leaders argue the land costs too much money to maintain, while not helping generate revenue.

Commissioners recently approved a plan to prepare to sell the land.