More NC Gyms Plan to Re-open Tuesday, Defying Governor’s Order

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tuesday, Governor Roy Cooper is expected to ease more coronavirus restrictions.

Some gyms are tired of waiting on the Governor and plan to re-open their doors on Tuesday, regardless of what Cooper announces.

Local fitness studio “Sweat Method” won’t be joining those re-opening for inside workouts.

“We considered it for two seconds at the very beginning, back in May, and we decided right then and there that we would never go against the order of the Governor,” says co-owner Halle Hillman.

She says opening up inside just isn’t worth the risk right now.

“We’re still in this. So to bypass that, I think, is a little bit disrespectful to the places that are following the rules,” Hillman says.

But other gyms are beginning to take advantage of a loophole that allows customers to workout inside, if a doctor says they have a “medical need.”

“Crunch Fitness” in Ballantyne posted on Facebook they will reopen on Tuesday.

And over 50 “Planet Fitness” locations in North Carolina will re-open too.

“The demand and appetite for fitness is there. Our customers have been clamoring for this for the better part of four and a half months,” says Stephen Kindler Jr.

Kindler is President and CEO of a company that owns 25 “Planet Fitness” locations in North Carolina, with some of those in the Charlotte area.

He says customers will check-in from a mobile app, where they’ll fill out a health questionnaire before coming in, but won’t be asked about their “medical need.”

“We’re not going to be asking for a hard medical note, we’re not going to be retaining anyone’s medical files,” Kindler explains.

He says “Planet Fitness” locations have re-opened safely in other states and thinks it can be done here too.

“We’ve spent the last four and a half plus months of really building out a robust reopening program and protocol for our stores,” Kindler says.