Gas Pipeline Spill in Huntersville is Four Times Larger Than Originally Reported

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We’ve learned a gas pipeline spill in Huntersville is much larger than first thought.

Colonial Pipeline says at least 270,000 gallons spilled. That’s four times more than originally reported.

“My initial thought was, would have been nice to have known about a pipeline in this area, I mean we’re not from here originally,” says neighbor Virginia Rivera.

Rivera moved in about a year ago, just down the road from where crews are working to clean up the spill.

“I was shocked to hear (the spill is larger than thought) because that’s something that should have been known from the beginning,” she says.

Teens riding ATV’s through the Oehler Nature Preserve on Huntersville-Concord Road reported the spill after discovering it last month.

Rick Lyke, who lives in the nearby Pavilion neighborhood, says he isn’t surprised about the new, larger number.

“It’s news I think we’ve been kinda expecting, because they’ve been really evasive about what’s going on up there,” he says.

Lyke and his neighbors have well water and worry the gas could eventually seep into it.

“I mean, we use well water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, irrigation,” he says.

State Senator Natasha Marcus says the spill is the largest in state history and says she wants to see more transparency from Colonial Pipeline.

“Get answers, and do all we can to make sure they do the right thing here. It’s already too late to avoid the damage, but there are things they could and should be doing now that it’s happened,” Marcus says.

A Colonial Pipeline spokesperson declined an on-camera interview at the clean-up site.

The company has been testing nearby wells and says it has not found any contamination so far.

The company is also installing monitoring wells to keep an eye on any issues.