Women Build Habitat For Humanity Home In North Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – This weekend a group made up of all women came together to begin work on a Habitat for Humanity home in north Charlotte.

It’s the 29th women’s build for the organization, with crews working again despite challenges from the Coronavirus pandemic.

“It is exciting, it is overwhelming, I can’t believe that I’m standing on the ground that I’m going to be living at,” says future homeowner Deborah Hallman Adams.

Anna Davis is construction site supervisor.

“It’s really exciting. The crew is much smaller than it usually is, but we’re still going to make the best of it,” Davis says.

Davis says there are new challenges due to COVID.

“Trying to figure out how we can kind of keep our model, having the volunteers out helping us make our houses, really because without the volunteers, we can’t build these houses,” Davis says.

But she says the build is unique.

“The women’s crew is pretty special because as we all know the building, construction industry is mainly male dominated and we are just kind of switching it up, showing the kids of our next generation that women can be construction workers too,” she says.

Brenda Suits has been building Habitat homes for more than 30 years.

“Once you start working, you just keep coming back,” Suits says.

She says the time spent building homes is rewarding.

“This is actually one of the most exciting days on the house, as you really see it come together,” Suits says.

Adams says she is grateful.

“I still can’t believe I’m going to be a homeowner, I, I just can’t believe it,” she says.