Wilson’s World: Arts+ Launching this Year’s Charlotte Children’s Choir

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Arts+ is now hosting online assessments for children ages 8-18 for placement in the Charlotte Children’s Choir‎.  Wilson talked with Wes Smith of Arts+ as well as some of the kids that participate on the choirs. There are 3 different choirs in the program, the Harmony, Lyric, and Concert Choirs where a child’s age and level of experience.

The choirs will be continuing while adapting the health restrictions we are currently under.  The choirs will have on-line classes as well as social distanced outdoor rehearsals and performances.  They will also be doing virtual projects with children’s choirs in other cities.

Learn more about the Charlotte Children’s Choir at the Arts+ website as well as on Facebook @CharlotteChildrensChoir.

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