Supernatural CLT: The Lake Norman Monster

"Normie," the Lake Norman Monster has been sighted by many... yet remains unexplained.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A large shadow surfaces in the distance on Lake Norman.  You can’t make out what it is, but your gut tells you it’s not a boat.

The Lake Norman Monster, or “Normie,” as it’s more commonly known, has been sighted many times over the years including as recently as 2020.  The intrigue surrounding the mysterious creature is, in part, underlined by the history that lies beneath the lake.

Lake Norman, a man-made lake completed by Duke Energy in 1964, was created by damming the Catawba River.  The dammed water flooded towns, cemeteries and old mills which still lie under the lake’s depths today.

But what is Normie?

Theories range from a giant catfish, to an overgrown alligator, and even a Native American creature.  “One of the theories is that the Lake Norman Monster is a nuclear mutated creature caused by the waters close to the nuclear facility,” says cryptozoologist, Cheralyn Lambeth, referring to the nearby McGuire Nuclear Station. “Other theories have said there was a mad scientist experiment… to create a larger than life fish.”

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Matt Myers has been collecting and curating sightings of Normie on since 2002. In general, sightings describe Normie as being a large, fish-like creature.  “We got a submission from an elementary school teacher who had her students on a field trip on one of the boats on Lake Norman and it was a mass sighting,” Myers says, recounting an early submission to the site.  “They said what they saw to be a large dolphin swimming and cresting.”

Lambeth’s theory on Normie? “I tend to believe that the Lake Norman monster is probably a larger than life fish, snake or other native creature.  Many cryptids are normal creatures seen in abnormal circumstances.  So I have to wonder if perhaps the Lake Norman Monster might be a larger than life fish or perhaps even some type of new species we haven’t discovered yet.”

Neither Lambeth nor Myers have yet to catch a their own glimpse of Normie but Myers had a mysterious experience 2 years ago while working with a film crew attempting to document the alleged monster.  In an attempt to bait Normie, the crew used whole, thawed chickens on massive hooks.  Recounts Myers, “we were trolling along and the pole just dips and it stays down.” They winded tirelessly but couldn’t reel in whatever large creature had grabbed the bait.  “Something took the chicken.  Something that big took the whole chicken, ate it and broke the line.”

Gigantic fish?  Nuclear creature?  Being we’ve not yet to name?  “I still think there are creatures out there yet to be discovered,” says Lambeth.  “Regardless of what Normie is, it’s evident that there clearly is something there.”

Want to try to see Normie?  Take a lake tour with Captain Gus Gustafson who will be glad to tell you all about Normie.  According to Myers, most sightings occur at dawn or dusk.

Original artwork for the Supernatural CLT series was created by Glenn Urieta.

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