Delta to Regain Major Hurricane Status Soon

The storm has already underwent rapid intensification once before. Will it do it again?

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After making landfall in the Yucatán Peninsula and undergoing a brief weakening spell, Hurricane Delta is expected to regain much of the strength it lost before making a second landfall along the Gulf Coast. As of the 2 AM update from the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Delta has reattained Category 2 hurricane status with winds upwards of 100 mph found in its core. Not only did NOAA Hurricane Hunters find stronger winds, but also a closed eyewall, which is paramount for rapid intensification.

As Delta moves out over the open, warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico, there is concern that Delta could explosively strengthen into a major hurricane shortly before landfall, much like Hurricane Laura did back in August. With winds of 150 mph, Laura was the strongest storm in terms of wind speed to ever make landfall in Louisiana. Also similarly to Laura, Delta could end up running over the exact same spot along the Texas-Louisiana border.

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While impacts in the Carolinas will almost certainly be lesser than what the Gulf Coast should see, gusty showers and storms could cause some problems for us this weekend. Stay WeatherWise with the latest from our weather team on Rising and the News at Ten, and download our COIT WeatherWise app so you can follow Delta as it develops.