UNC Chapel Hill Delays Spring Semester For 2 Weeks

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is delaying the start of its spring semester by two weeks and canceling its traditional spring break, according to a news release.

UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz says classes will start on January 19th, “to provide the maximum time between winter break and the start of classes.”

University officials say they have not decided whether classes will be in-person or online for the spring semester.

Guskiewicz says instead of spring break, the university will have wellness days throughout the semester.

“We have heard from many of you that we need to provide more breaks during the semester, so we will incorporate five days either individually or in combined clusters for that purpose,” Chancellor Guskiewicz says. “In addition, the schools and deans will make clear that these wellness days are intended as breaks from the semester — not for studying — so faculty will be instructed to avoid scheduling exams, quizzes and other major assignments on days following these breaks. The dates for the wellness days will be updated on the Registrar’s website soon.”

Spring commencement will be pushed back a week to Sunday May 16th, winter commencement will be postponed until further notice, and the last day of classes will be on May 5th, according to a news release.