Health Officials Say COVID-19 Is The 3rd Leading Cause Of Death In Mecklenburg County

Public Health Director Gibbie Harris says COVID is now the third leading cause of death in Mecklenburg County, but says positive cases are stabilizing.

In a news conference held on October 9th, officials with Mecklenburg County updated the community on the county’s response to the coronavirus as North Carolina has entered Phase 3 of reopening.

Harris says out of all the large gatherings, family gatherings are producing the highest number of coronavirus cases.

As the holiday season approaches Harris reminds the community to wear a mask, and socially distance themselves, especially if anyone is meeting up with family members that do not live in the same household.

Harris says anyone holding a gathering should create a guest list to help the county with contact tracing of the coronavirus, but urges everyone to avoid large gatherings of any kind.

As of October 9th Harris says there are 29,956 lab confirmed COVID cases, daily case volumes increasing at 95 per day, and 366 deaths among Mecklenburg County residents.

Since August, Harris says 97 family gatherings, 24 wedding related events, 14 funerals, and 23 religious events at places of worship have had attendees test positive within 14 days of the event.

As Halloween approaches, Harris says anyone wanting to participate in festivities should avoid crowded places, large house parties, and large neighborhood gatherings.

Harris says anyone looking to Trick or Treat should not use a Halloween mask in place of a CDC approved face mask, and should only take individually wrapped goodie bags from houses in place of grabbing candy out of a community bowl.

Mecklenburg County has a 4.9 positivity rate of COVID cases, which is about 53 cases out of 100,000 in our community, according to Harris.

Harris says as the flu season arrives, community members should be aware that flu and common cold symptoms are very similar to coronavirus symptoms, and anyone starting to experience symptoms should get tested.

Officials with Mecklenburg County remind everyone to wear a mask, socially distance themselves, and wash hands often so that the community can reduce the amount of residents being exposed to COVID-19, and continue to open up the county further.

Watch the full news conference here: