NFL Teams Fined For Talking To Refs Without Masks

The National Football League has authorized penalties to be assessed when coaches or another team’s personnel approach a referee while not wearing a mask or remove their mask while speaking.

The memo, written by Senior Vice President of Officiating Administration Perry Fewell, comes in response to complaints from the NFL Referees Association about coaches pulling down their masks to yell at officials in close range.

The memo says in part, that taking the masks off, creates unnecessary, increased risk for the game official, the head coach, and others.

Social media is reacting to the news saying ‘Coaches need masks on the sidelines but players don’t. Yeah. Makes sense.’ and ‘Smart, this is exactly the kind of move that will bring the fans back to the NFL.’

So far five coaches have been fined $100,000 a piece and their teams $250,000 for failing to wear face coverings during games.

Edge Question of the Night: Does the punishment fit the crime?