State Suggests Tightening COVID-19 Restrictions in Dozens of NC Counties

CHARLOTTE, NC – As COVID-19 cases climb in Mecklenburg County, another death is reported in connection to the United House Of Prayer convocation events. 

At least 82 people have been infected with COVID-19 stemming from the United House of Prayer events earlier this month at the location on Beatties Ford Rd. 

“Covid-19 is a respiratory virus. It spreads very easily especially during events like large gatherings,” said Dr. Raynard Washington, the Mecklenburg County Deputy Health Director.

At least eight of those cases were traced to the Madison Saints Paradise Independent Living center in West Charlotte. Five people have been hospitalized. 127 people were tested today at the health department site on Beatties Ford Rd. 

“We have now surpassed our previous peak that occurred in July,” said Dr. Mandy Cohen, the State Health Director.

Outbreaks like this have state officials worried. Especially as we enter the winter months. 

“I am concerned that our cases are going up at a time when we are seeing lower temperatures and knowing that we are going to be doing more activities indoors,” said Cohen.

Her office sent a letter to dozens of counties reminding them of the guidelines and suggesting stronger enforcement. 

“In some of our areas, hospitals are becoming strained and we’re seeing more viral spread,” said Cohen.

The letters urged local governments to pass ordinances that firm up enforcement of the phase Three guidelines.  Including imposing fines for violating COVID-19 restrictions. Other suggestions include lowering the maximum gathering limits, curbing alcohol sales before 11 p.m., closing bars, lounges and clubs, and further limiting restaurant service.

A spokesperson for the county sent us this statement. 

“As the situation in our region evolves, County and municipal leaders will continue to pursue strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19 as needed, based on available data.”

On Wednesday, Gov. Cooper announced that phase three would continue until at least November 13th.