CMS Moving Forward with K-5 Return to In-Person Learning Next Week

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – CMS is moving forward with plans to bring Kindergarten through 5th grade students back to classrooms next week.

It comes despite a rise in local COVID cases and a shortage of school nurses.

“Um, no. I don’t feel safe with my babies going back,” says CMS parent Tiffany Malen.

She is adamant — she doesn’t want her 3rd grade daughter back in the classroom next week.

“Like, they gotta wear masks all day. She’s eight. She’s not gonna keep that mask on. We’ve got a lot of older family members who’ve got cancer and no, they should be home,” Malen says.

Under “Plan B,” students will rotate between in-person and virtual learning.

The district, saying it has adequate staffing to re-open elementary schools, despite being short around 25 nurses.

“The school efforts that have been put in place are ones that we are very comfortable with,” Mecklenburg Co. Health Director Gibbie Harris told school board members on Wednesday night.

Harris says the risk for spread in the classroom is low.

“We’re not even seeing much spread in the classroom in colleges. It’s the activity outside the classroom. And that’s the challenge,” Harris told board members.

Some teachers have a different take.

“The preference is that we continue to teach and work remotely,” says CMS teacher Lawrence Brinson.

Teacher Amanda Thompson Rice wishes the school board would take another look.

“I think that we’re seeing a new spike. And I would like CMS to pause and really reflect what’s best for all of our kids right now,” Rice says.

Middle school students are scheduled to return to in-person learning on November 3rd and high school students in January.