The Future Of Charlotte’s Black Lives Matter Mural Could Be Decided Next Week

CHARLOTTE — The future of the Black Lives Matter Mural in Uptown Charlotte could be decided next week.  Should the city re-open a section of South Tryon Street to traffic?  Nearly 20 local artists designed the Black Lives Matter Mural on South Tryon Street after a firestorm of protests erupted across the city and the country following the death of George Floyd.

Charlotte city leaders shut down the stretch near 3rd and 4th streets to traffic so people  could enjoy the mural safely.  But, some business owners complained that shutting down the street affected them financially.  The city conducted a study looking into the benefits of reopening Black Lives Matter Plaza or keeping it closed.
“There’s been an impact for certain, and again, that’s a part of the study that the city did in terms of when you create these open plaza situations, they have an impact, an unintended impact,” says Charlotte City Councilman Malcolm Graham.

“If we do it on Tuesday, it really gives the opportunity for some of the business owners up and down the plaza to really open their doors a lot wider because of the holiday season” he says.

“To me, they need to push it back.  This country is in unrest right now.  This city is in a state of unrest, this is not the time for that,” says Kass Ottley, Founder of Seeking Justice Charlotte.

Ottley says it would be nice if the city would open a museum in this plaza to teach people about Black History.

The council is scheduled to vote Monday whether to reopen the street on Tuesday, or wait until December 31st.