Charlotte Firefighters Rescue 143 People After Charter School Evacuated Due To Flooding

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Heavy flooding in northeast Charlotte caused by intense rain and storms Thursday morning resulted in the Charlotte Fire Department having to rescue over 140 people from a charter school that had to evacuate.

Corvian Community School Executive Director Stacey Haskell made the following statement about the incident, “We have experienced something we never thought possible today at the elementary school. What started out as the greenway collecting water turned into a major flash flood in the blink of an eye.

“The Admin team immediately notified The City of Charlotte Emergency Services of the rising waters. When I arrived at the elementary school, the parking lot was flooded and all vehicles in the parking lot were submerged. I worked directly with the Charlotte Fire Department to ensure every student and staff member were evacuated safely.”

The fire department posted a video to Twitter showing several vehicles flooded due to the extreme weather conditions.

Click here to watch the video on Twitter.

Charlotte firefighters rescued 143 people from Corvian Community School, located along David Taylor Drive. Crews responded to the scene around 10:30 a.m.

“I am proud to say that 143 staff and students are safe and sound today due to the quick response of our leadership team and the amazing efforts of our first responders,” Haskell said. “It brought joy to my heart to see all of our amazing students take the situation seriously and readily pull together to follow the directions of the rescue team.”

Firefighters say no injuries have been reported. Students and staff from the school were placed under tents during the rescue.