CMS to Return to All-Remote Learning for K-12 Students Starting Monday, December 14th

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – On Tuesday night, the Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board voted to move to all-remote learning amid concerns about rising COVID cases.

The plan calls for all K-12 students to go fully remote starting on Monday, December 14th.

They would then return to the classroom again starting on January 19th.

The exception is Pre-K, which will remain in-person.

Hours before the board began the debate, dozens of CMS parents and their children rallied in Midtown Park, marching to demand schools stay open.

“Yes, we are experiencing a pandemic. Yes, it’s very, very scary but our children are the lowest spreaders out there. They’re not considered superspreaders,” said CMS parent Erin Phillips.

“The best way that they’re going to learn is face-to-face with their teacher. I mean there are Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd graders that need to be reading. And they can’t read through a Zoom,” said CMS parent Jennifer Wentworth.

From November 25th to December 4th, the district’s metrics dashboard shows 67 of the more than 41,000 students who are back to in-person learning tested positive.

94 of the more than 19,000 staffers currently working in schools also tested positive.

Teachers from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Association of Educators say those numbers are too high.

They held a virtual rally.

“We have to realize that no one is coming to save us, we have to save ourselves, right?” said CMS teacher Amanda Thompson-Rice.

The group heard from Michelle Vail, a CMS teacher who had COVID.

She called the experience a “nightmare” with symptoms including dry cough, muscle aches, and weakness.

“The metrics are telling a story that we are safer at home. Plan C is the only viable option at this time to protect our teaching infrastructure,” Vail said.

The latest numbers also show:

  • 102 CMS schools have at least 1 positive case
  • 51 schools have two or more cases
  • 5 schools have 15 or more people in quarantine
  • 1 school has 25 people in quarantine