Hidden Gems of CLT: Backstage Lounge

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CHARLOTTE, NC —  What are you missing in your favorite neighborhood? WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich explores tucked away spots, historic businesses, and secret gardens in the middle of our bustling city.

On this week’s Hidden Gems of Charlotte, Alex visits Backstage Lounge at SouthBound.

Talk about a hidden gem! Enter the barbershop in the back of SouthBound in South End, down the mural lined hallway and through the red curtain you’ll find a phone. Pick it up, say the password of the week, which can be found on social media and then you can walk inside.

Wynn Davis is the managing partner and Shang Skipper is the president of Mac’s Hospitality Group. The two started Mac’s Speed Shop in 2005, the BBQ joint growing in popularity. They bought pieces of property next to Mac’s including SouthBound, but the building had more space in the back. The speakeasy opening a year and a half ago.

“We said, what are we going to do with it. We don’t know. So we came up with several concepts, this being one of them. The premise of this is your backstage at a concert,” says Davis.”

On the menu, food and drinks named after 1970’s rock n’ roll bands and songs.

“We didn’t wanna be too pretentious. We certainly didn’t want to be arrogant about who we were. So he said OK let’s just make it just a cool vibe,” according to Skipper.

Skipper says other speakeasys in the area had strict dress codes. His goal: a place where everyone can come and chill.

I was told I couldn’t come in because I had on a pair of tennis shoes. So I didn’t want that and I said okay I’m going to fix it,” says Skipper.

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