Charlotte Man’s Message After Losing Eight Friends To COVID-19

CHARLOTTE, NC. — State Health Director Dr. Mandy Cohen says North Carolina is still seeing a staggering increase in pandemic trends. She’s very concerned about hospital capacity.

“Too many North Carolina are getting seriously ill and with more than 5800 deaths, too many are dying,” says Dr. Cohen.

William Wilson says he’s lost eight friends to COVID since March.  The latest — last week. Wilson says they served in the Navy together. He says his friend was 45-years-old, a vegan and ran marathons.

“We debated every day on the severity of Covid thing, wearing a mask, social distancing and he got it going to a game watch party,” says Wilson.

Wilson says his friend passed away five days after testing positive.

“It’s surreal. That’s the best way to say it, it’s just a surreal feeling.”

Wilson says his message: keep wearing masks, being physically distant and washing your hands.

“Listen to the experts and listen to numbers. Stop going by your opinions and feelings and go by the real data.”