Edge On The Clock: Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife Donates Billions Of Dollars In 2020


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife is making good on her promise to give away billions of dollars. Earlier this year, MacKenzie Scott wrote a piece for Medium, saying she was dedicated to giving back to the people who helped make her and ex-husband Jeff Bezos, wealthy. And now, Scott has donated $4.2 billion to 384 organizations.

Plus, the NFL Wild Card game is usually the lowest priority for playoffs watchers, and now it’s sunk all the way to Bikini Bottom. The NFL announced that the famous Spongebob Squarepants will play a key role in the game’s broadcast.

And, this isn’t a Harris Teeter bag of bread! The Baguette Bag by Moschino looks like it’s straight out of the oven! A gold-plated Moschino label brands the outside, to keep you from sneaking a taste. It’s made of faux leather and plastic, making it unbelievably stale. The cost: $1,170.

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