NCDOT Crews Preparing for Winter Weather in High Country & Foothills

BLOWING ROCK, N.C. – NCDOT crews treated roads in the Foothills and High Country on Tuesday ahead of expected icy weather.

They are preparing to return Wednesday morning to make sure roads are as clear as possible for the morning commute.

“We hope it’s not just rain, we want snow,” says Cary, NC resident Matthijs Schoots.

There’s excitement for the Schoots family, on vacation in Blowing Rock.

While the High Country could see some white stuff, the bigger concern is ice.

A few miles away in Burke County, NCDOT trucks are parked and ready to go at the slag yard.

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed that there’s no ice, but if there is, this gives drivers a chance to have safe conditions as they commute,” says David Uchiyama, with NCDOT.

Crews will return at midnight, after spending the day Tuesday brining interstates and major highways, like I-40 near Morganton.

Uchiyama says only a few miles can make the difference whether you see wet roads or icy ones.

“Those few degrees right at the freezing point can have a huge difference. All throughout the night until the middle of the day tomorrow,” he says.

In downtown Morganton, snowflake decorations are the only Winter Weather seen on Tuesday night.

The foothills could see up to a quarter inch of ice.

“Scared to drive but I think it will be fun,” says Callie Raines.

Back in the High County, she and Zac Case say they might just bundle up and spend the day watching Christmas movies.

“We’re gonna go to the store and get food in case we can’t go out tomorrow, depending on how bad it is,” Raines says.