Edge On The Clock: New Study Finds People With Fitness Trackers Walk Extra Mile Per Day

CHARLOTTE, N.C. A new study finds people who use fitness trackers walk about an extra mile a day. Researchers looked at dozens of studies comparing the exercise activity of about 7,500 people with and without a tracking device or phone app. Overall, people walked an average of nearly 2,000 more steps, or about a mile, if they used a tracking app.

Plus, walk around like a superhero in this Christmas! Warner Brothers and Biion Footwear have teamed up to release a one-of-a-kind performance and leisure shoe inspired by Wonder Woman’s iconic costume.

And, unlike in many years past, Times Square will only welcome less than 100 select guests for the big event. Doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery store employees and transit workers will be invited to enjoy the moment from socially distant “pens.”

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