Mecklenburg County Legislators Urge A Peaceful Transition Of Power To Biden Amid Chaos At U.S. Capitol

Mecklenburg County legislators released a signed statement on January 7th urging leaders to move President-Elect Joe Biden into the presidency peacefully, and to stop attempts at undermining the 2020 presidential election in light of the riot at the U.S. Capitol yesterday.

In a statement, fourteen legislators condemn the president by saying “The actions of President Trump to pressure the Secretary of State of Georgia to ‘find’ the votes
needed for him to carry the state indicate a callous disregard for fundamental democratic principles.”

 “The President’s pressure on the Vice-President to violate his Constitutional duty is unacceptable. And, as yesterday’s unprecedented events made clear, the President’s false claims and calls for insurrection resulted in violence and lawlessness.”

These lawmakers urge President Trump, members of Congress, and fellow citizens to move towards a peaceful transition of power citing the path of all previous administrations.

Mecklenburg County legislators added that throwing out millions of legal ballots is an attack to our democracy.

“Further, the votes of several members of our state’s Congressional delegation to throw out millions of legal ballots is a direct attack on our democracy. This is not a partisan objection. Several conservative Republicans currently serving in federal office have voiced similar concerns. We echo the statements of Sen. Burr, Sen. Sasse, Sen. Romney, Sen. Toomey, Rep. Cheney, and former Speaker Ryan. We recognize and thank the North Carolina members of Congress who voted to certify the electoral vote count.”

Mecklenburg County lawmakers say America must work to heal after the events earlier this week, to hold those responsible accountable, and to stop the attacks on democracy by allowing President-Elect Joe Biden to transition into office smoothly.

“The American people have spoken. We must honor their vote and prepare to swear in President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris on January 20th.”

The following members of the Mecklenburg legislative delegation signed the news release:

  1. Rep. Kelly Alexander
  2. Rep. Nasif Majeed
  3. Rep. John Autry
  4. Sen. Jeff Jackson
  5. Rep. Mary Belk
  6. Sen. Natasha Marcus
  7. Rep. Terry Brown
  8. Sen. Mujtaba Mohammed
  9. Rep. Becky Carney
  10. Sen. DeAndrea Salvador
  11. Rep. Wesley Harris
  12. Sen. Joyce Waddell
  13. Rep. Rachel Hunt
  14. Rep. Brandon Lofton