Trump Supporters Gather At South Carolina State House To Protest The Election

COLUMBIA, S.C. — In South Carolina, dozens of Trump supporters gathered in front of the State House Wednesday.

They were there hours before the electoral votes were set to be certified, confirming Joe Biden as the next president.

Voices raised and flags held high outside the State House. Trump supporters on a mission to uphold the integrity of the election.

Trump supporter Julia Webet said,”I want our leaders in Washington to know that I’m not satisfied with the way the election went down, and I believe they should be investigated.”

“Just to reinforce what we know, that this was a fraudulent election, and I’m here to stand up for my vote. One illegal vote can’t cancel out my vote,” Cathy Welsh said.

And with very few protestors wearing masks they say they’re also standing up to stand against mask ordinances.

“Masks were not made for viruses, they were made for bacteria,” Welsh said. “If they worked why are cases still rising it doesn’t make any sense.”

“I just don’t think that the science shows that they work. And I fell like masks, personally, are more about control,” Webet said. “I just feel like it’s creating division.”

Among the crowd of MAGA hats and ‘Stop the Steal’ signs we spotted balloons, the other side of the same patriotic coin.

“We’re patriots. We’re celebrating the constitution. We’re out here just so you wouldn’t see one ugly face of South Carolina,” Biden supporter Elaine Cooper said.

“I’m here on behalf of Black Lives Matter,” Tobias Walker said. “And I know that Trump is usually associated with white supremacy and racists. My county voted for Biden and I’m here showing support that we did.”